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Events for 6/13/2024
Start Time7:00 PM
Board of Education
Board of Education Conference Room
Extra Details
Thursday, June 13, 2024
Naugatuck Board of Education Meeting
7:00 PM
1. Call to Order Public Session - 7:00 PM
A. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Discussion, Possible Action on Matters Emanating from Executive Session
A. None
4. Public Comment
A. Public Comment
5. Superintendent's Report
A. Community Conversation Planning
B. NPS Attendance Teams
C. Summer Programming Information
D. Values-In-Action Foundation The Kindness Games - Salem Elementary School
6. Monthly's Reports
A. Enrollment Report
B. Fire Drill/Crisis Code Report
C. Human Resource Report
D. Facility Use Report
E. Finance Monthly Report
7. Old Business
A. Policy Memo
B. BOE Policy #1330 Facility Usage and Administrative Regulations - Vote
C. BOE Policy #5350 Suicide Prevention and Intervention - Vote
D. BOE Policy #5700 Bullying Prevention and Intervention and Administrative Regulations - Vote
E. BOE Policy #2500 - Retention and Disposition of Records and Information and Administrative Regulations - Vote
F. BOE Policy #5149 Use of Private Technology Devices by Students - Vote
G. BOE Policy #6710 Graduation Requirements - Vote
H. BOE Policy #6720 Weighted Grading and Calculation of Grade Point Averages - Vote
8. New Business
A. 2023-2024 Recruitment and Hiring Report
B. Teacher Evaluation Plan Approval
C. 2024-2025 Budget Adoption
D. Donations to City Hill Middle School Softball/Baseball Teams - Vote
E. ECS Set-Aside - Vote
F. Hop Brook Bid Waiver
9. Approval of Minutes
A. Draft of Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
B. Approval of Minutes - Vote
10. Communications
A. Board Communications
11. Adjournment
A. Vote to Adjourn